Digging into dataWhat Google doesn't tell you about its Doodles

The giant supports neutrality but conveys at times controversial values in its Doodles. We analyzed all of them to understand which ideas the company really stands for.

Simon Koch
traduction: Célia Héron

How do you see Google? A disturbing Big Brother, a hip company that spoils its employees, an advertisement agency, a search engine? Or maybe an LGBT rights defender, after the Doodle published on the opening day of the Sochi Winter Olympics on February 7th?

Only very rarely does google get involved with politics. Champion of the web's neutrality, the giant takes good care of its neutral reputation and has to avoid censorship in order to stay a credible search engine. In order to do so, it chose a slogan both open and vague: ‘Don’t Be Evil’. This code of conduct allows the company to apply to its services morals that usually blend in with those of the American society.

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